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Commission Information

Commissions are CLOSED.

Commission openings are rare and few. They are offered first and foremost to Subscribers of the 'Bronze' tier and higher. Only in the event of there being any available slots left over after Subscribers have to option to claim them, they are then offered publicly to non-Subscribers.

Commissions are accepted or not depending on their themes and ideas. I work only with ideas that are appealing for me.

  • ✔️ What I am interested in drawing: human and humanoid characters, mythical creatures (centaurs, mermaids etc), fantasy themes (Vikings, Mongols, tribal etc), snow themes, natural landscapes, romance and tasteful erotica, male x female or female x female.

  • ⭕ What I am not interested in drawing: robots, modern themes, cityscapes, male x male/yaoi/slash.

  • What I will not draw under any circumstances: underage NSFW (loli/shota/cub), feral NSFW, sexual violence/rape, extreme gore, extreme fetishes, hate art or prejudice against any race, gender, orientation, religious belief.

Terms of Service

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission proposal without explanation.

  • Prices are non negotiable.

  • Payment should be made in full before any work is started.

  • Payment is done through PayPal.

  • Commissions are for personal use only. Commercial rights may be purchased at additional cost.

  • Communication is done exclusively by e-mail.


  • You must be a Subscriber in order to be on the waitlist.

  • You also must be a Subscriber in order for your slot in the waitlist to be valid. That means no subscribing, claiming a waitlist slot and then unsubscribing. It's not recommended to subscribe only for a commission, but because you truly want to see Subscriber exclusive content.

  • Subscriber commissions must still comply to my Terms of Service.

  • Payment will not be requested until I am ready to start your commission.

  • You may opt out of the waitlist at any time.

  • You can check the current waitlist and commission progress on my Trello board.

Commission Types


A black & white or sepia-toned sketch scene.

Starts at 200 USD for a single character without background, extra characters are 100 USD each. Backgrounds are additional.


A fully finished illustration with an emphasis on the scene as a whole. Both characters and background are harmoniously detailed.

Price starts at 500 USD, extra characters are extra 200 USD each.

© Amaranth Dench. All rights reserved.